Barton Croft was born out of a love of honest, functional, well-designed objects and a passion for artisan quality goods.  Drawn to simple lines and finishes, and with a love for cooking, our collection of ceramic tableware is earthy and yet effortless.  Our philosophy is that the eye should be drawn to your meal rather than the vessel it is served on, and so our ceramics are consequently refined and simple, designed to accentuate rather than detract.

Touches of the makers' hands and throwing rings can be seen in the finished product which we believe adds to the rustic charm of handmade ceramics.  Made with the finest clay, a special blend of porcelain and stoneware, each item is meticulously produced by hand here in our studio in Hampshire, England.  

All our pottery is highly durable and chip resistant, designed to be used in both the dishwasher and microwave.  

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