Swapping stories and laughter, while passing around loaded platters, overflowing with favourite recipes.

Fresh coffee in a tactile mug, sipped in a quiet corner of the garden, to catch the early morning sun.

Or a simple bowl of soup that rests perfectly in your hand.

Barton Croft pottery is made with care, for life.

The story of Barton Croft begins with a ball of clay. Flying off the pottery wheel.
A look of despair at the grey mark it left on the wall before it slid sadly to the floor.

I had no idea what I was doing, didn’t even know you needed to add water to form something. But even before I’d made my first pot, I was in love with the idea of it. I was fascinated by the process of taking mud and shaping it into something useful, and beautiful. The tactile nature of sitting at the wheel, losing myself in the focus of forming a cup, plate or dish. The art of taking something fragile, that once fired becomes strong and durable.

As my skills grew, my hands were always covered in clay as I worked to refine and balance every design. I started testing my creations in my home, endlessly tweaking and adjusting shapes. My designs evolved into understated and timeless pottery to be used, enjoyed and shared every day.


After outgrowing our production studio in Hampshire where we formed every piece by hand, our collections are now made on a larger scale in Portugal. We spent over a year researching and visiting factories to find the right fit, to ensure every stage of the making process involves a person, and that every piece is still touched by hand.

It means we can create our products using the finest clay, with more consistency, while keeping the soul, skill and handmade tactile qualities that we value so much.


Since our humble beginnings, Barton Croft has grown but our values are still the same;
everything we make is crafted to celebrate the beauty of moments shared around food.


We’ve also created a new, smaller test studio, a creative space to play and try out new ideas, meaning we still get to have clay on our hands every day.

Everything we make at Barton Croft is designed to work on its own, as a staple plate, bowl, dish or cup, or together as a collection that you can create to fit into your daily life with ease. All our pottery is made to be used often and withstand everyday use. It’s highly durable, chip-resistant and suitable for both the dishwasher and microwave. It’s not about perfection.

We want to invite people to celebrate the simple, and sometimes messy moments, that together make life, a little better.

Laurena, Founder of Barton Croft