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The name behind the brand

The name behind the brand

When it came to naming Barton Croft, I wanted something with meaning to me whilst also being indicative of what the brand is all about. Inspired by candid everyday moments, I was in search of a name that would evoke the beauty of mealtimes and the simplicity of mindful living. But where had my appreciation for this way of life come from and how had it inspired my work?

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. It’s no secret that we look at the world around us through individual eyes. Perspective is what makes each and every one of us unique and it is our ability to forge connections with our surroundings that transforms ordinary moments into special memories. Alive with memories we've spent with people and place, much of our creative endeavours are shaped by moments in our lives. And when it comes to getting creative, it is these individual experiences that inspire and influence the things that we make.

Looking back into my life, it soon became clear that a recurring summer memory was at the very root of my brand. Every year, on a small area of land in Hampshire owned by my grandfather, all our extended family would gather for a day of fun. In a field with plenty of trees for shade, we’d while away the golden hours of the day, relaxing or swimming in the river before cooking up a big barbeque to enjoy together. Afterwards we’d play a game of rounders or cricket, enjoying the last hours of the day with each other. This piece of land was called Barton Farm.

What I loved most about this ritual was how everyone came together for the meal. A joint effort between us all, it became a time we’d forget about our individual lives and embrace the bonds that held us together as a family. Regardless of whether we’d last seen each other last week or last year, there was this real sense that the meal brought us together as we took the time to reconnect and laugh over past memories.

At present, meal times are often becoming an increasingly less valuable part of the family dynamic. Sitting down to dinner has long been a daily occurrence in British homes, but I feel there’s much less emphasis on this ritual in life today. It was these summer moments that made me really appreciate time spent as a family, and I was keen to inspire others to do the same. My pottery seeks to reintroduce this element into the home, but making it accessible and easy for people to incorporate into their busy daily lives by providing the simple framework to ground even the hastiest meal.

I felt it was fitting, then, to choose the name Barton Croft for a brand all about taking the time to take the best plates from the cupboard, setting the table and spending a mindful time connecting with those you love over a simple meal.


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