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From the studio:  An update from us

From the studio: An update from us

Today marks 5 years since Barton Croft launched and I'm excited to share some news!
Much has changed over the last 5 years since it was just me alone, working at the pottery wheel.  As word spread about our handcrafted tableware, demand increased until we finally we outgrew our Hampshire studio during summer 2020.  
Whilst trying to figure out the best way to bring our pottery to more mealtimes, it seemed that partnering with a small factory was the only viable way forward, however this was not as easy as it sounds. The integrity of the product and process was paramount to us; durability was an important factor also - our pottery has always been dishwasher, oven and microwave safe as well as highly chip resistant and these were features we couldn’t compromise on. 
We searched everywhere and after well over a year, we discovered a small factory in Northern Portugal working in batches with a hands-on process, sharing our same values and using with very similar raw materials.  What's more, they allowed me to visit the factory and sculpt the originals myself before starting production.
During this time of exploration, I also got married - my husband Arthur is now helping out.  Together we’ve created a new test studio, a creative space to try out new ideas, meaning we still get to have clay on our hands every day.
With all that said, pre-orders are now open for delivery in December! 

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