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Kitchen style: How to introduce warmth this winter

Kitchen style: How to introduce warmth this winter

In the run up to Christmas, the kitchen becomes the undeniable heart of the home. From roast turkey debacles to keeping the children busy with some festive cupcake decorating, it is a room that comes alive with family, friendship and an appreciation for the year gone by. And as the cold weather ensues, you’ll want to encapsulate the cosiness of the season in all areas of your home.

More often than not, though, the kitchen is a stark and minimal space. So how do you achieve this?

Barton Croft ceramics are the perfect way to add warmth to your kitchen

Well, warmth can be produced in a multitude of different ways; it doesn’t necessarily mean lighting a fire. Here are some simple ways you can achieve a cosier and more inviting kitchen this Christmas.


It’s the lack of variety and texture that can leave many kitchens feeling empty and cold. From marbled surfaces and tiled flooring to the more popular Scandinavian spaces, there is a fine line between minimal and sparse.

If your kitchen is lacking in depth, try adding something as simple as linen napkins to the breakfast bar or a cloth on the table. If this still isn’t enough, consider the addition of a rug, especially if you have a cold floor. Play around and get creative with the textures in your kitchen until you’ve struck the perfect balance.

Use a Persian rug in your kitchen for warmth


Darker tones

Colour plays a huge part in creating a certain atmosphere, especially in the kitchen. Many people tend to go for neutral tones, which are great as a base, but can often make the space seem one-dimensional and a little too open. Alternatively, too much colour can have the opposite effect, creating a dark and dingy vibe.

Incorporating a few darker tones alongside a more neutral palette is a safe and simple way to introduce more warmth into your kitchen. Darker woods are particularly effective because they introduce a sense of rusticity and earthiness to the kitchen, making the space appear more ‘lived in’. Try blending with traditionally colder materials, such as tile and stone, and watch your kitchen transform into the cosiest of places.  

Introduce darker shades and wood to make your kitchen warmer this winter



It goes without saying that on cold, wintry nights, the simple glimmer of candlelight can transform a dark evening into a moment of cosiness and calm. And the same can be applied in the kitchen.

The next time you’re preparing dinner or laying the table for family and friends, set the mood with a candle. Whether that’s a mixture of pillar candles and tea lights dotted about the space, or a delightfully fragrant scented candle, bring your kitchen to life with the simple pleasure of a flame.  

Light a candle to make your kitchen warmer


Books and art

You might think books are reserved for shelving or a coffee table in the adjacent room, but they really are just as at home in the kitchen. Whether that’s a recipe read or a more philosophical text, a generous selection of books will instantly add character and make your kitchen feel like your own.

The same goes for art. Wall hangings, collectables and the like really do allow you to make your mark on your home. By sharing a little piece of yourself through your interior, you open up the space for others to feel comfortable and relaxed, and that’s what the kitchen at Christmas time is all about.

Bring books and art into the kitchen to make it warmer this winter


Have something cooking 

It’s almost impossible to head into the festive period without having something baking in the oven, but we just wanted to reiterate this last point. Not only does cooking create warmth in the temperature sense, it symbolises the very essence of why the kitchen is the heart of the home this season.

Have something cooking in your kitchen to make it feel cosy

As people filter in from the cold and find respite in the warmth of a cosy kitchen, it is the simple pleasure of cooking, eating and socialising in this space that lifts their hearts and transforms each moment into a memory that will last a life time. 

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