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3 ways to use the Barton Croft hand bowl

3 ways to use the Barton Croft hand bowl

Aptly named, the Barton Croft hand bowl has been hand spun to a shape that will fit perfectly into your palm. With its simple form and durability, it is the ideal bowl for people who lead busy lives, looking for something practical when on-the-go but unique enough to turn to when special occasions arise.

The Barton Croft Hand Bowl in Milk is a stylish and practical bowl for busy people

Laced with character and enough subtle nuances to make each piece special, our hand bowls come in Milk, Oatmeal and Chestnut glazes. After much experimentation, the glaze we have produced is long-lasting, leathery to touch and holds a sheen, giving only the slightest reflection to ensure the meal itself remains centre stage.

From the main attraction to a midnight snack, today we want to show you three ways our hand bowls can be used to turn everyday moments into memories to cherish. If you’ve already been using your Barton Croft hand bowl or you’re inspired by today’s suggestions, then we’d love to know in the comments below!

The Barton Croft hand bowl in milk, oatmeal and chestnut

A nutritious breakfast to start the day

On cold winter mornings, a mindful approach to breakfast is a positive way to kick start the day. And it doesn’t have to take up lots of time; sometimes even the simplest of routines can be the difference between a morning that matters and one that passes you by.

Together with a steaming cup of coffee or tea, we suggest taking one of our hand bowls and filling with a generous portion of porridge or muesli. Before losing yourself to a busy schedule, take a few moments to enjoy a nutritious breakfast in the comfort of home instead of grabbing a pastry on the way to work.

Use your Barton Croft hand bowl for a bowl of porridge in the morning

Share some nibbles and dips at a dinner party

Our hand bowl isn’t just convenient for single use. If you’re after an authentic affair with friends, then it’s important to strike a balance between relaxed and considered. A selection of nibbles, dips and a glass of wine are an easy way to make guests feel welcome and comfortable in your home, whilst setting the scene for a casual evening.

Whether you perch the Barton Croft hand bowl on a dark oak wood dining table or a lighter toned coffee table, each colour has been chosen for its timeless and elegant design and will suit any type of home décor. With natural clay bases and a perfectly smooth finish to each bowl, you can be sure our hand bowls won’t leave any marks on your furniture.

The Barton Croft Hand Bowl has an unglazed bottom and will suit any home decor

A hot pudding to finish a delicious meal    

If you’re looking to end the evening in style, then individually baked desserts for your guests are an added touch. From sticky toffee puddings to miniature apple crumbles, our hand bowls present plenty of opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and finish the meal with something delicious and exclusive.

As well as being dishwasher and microwave safe, each hand bowl is also oven proof, so whether you’re just warming a pudding in the Aga or popping it in for a full round of baking, you can rest assured nothing will crack or break in the process.

The Barton Croft hand bowl is oven proof and perfect for baking individual desserts

Designed to complement each other, it’s up to you whether you want to purchase our hand bowls as a colour set or mix and match our unique glazes; either way, we are certain it will look great. Each piece is handmade to order on the pottery wheel, so once you’ve made your choice, we’ll create your pieces in 2-4 weeks.

Our hand bowls are currently out of production but we hope to reintroduce these soon!

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