Small mug in Milk


Oh-so-huggable, our handcrafted mugs feature our signature wheel thrown rings inside.  Our favourite way to hold is by cupping your hands around the body - thread your fingers through the handle to take a moment to slow down, breathe and savour your favourite herbal tea during a full-on day.  Too good for the cupboard, this will become your go-to favourite.  

Mix and match your set - our complementary colours encourage true-to-you tableware.

Colour-matched to the natural colour of our porcelain stoneware clay, our signature glaze is a homely off-white tone, like creamy milk. 

  • Approximately 8.5 cm in diameter, 6 cm in height.
  • Capacity approximately 200 ml.
  • Handcrafted from our special porcelain stoneware blended clay
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Smooth natural clay base
  • Finished in our secret handmade-from-scratch Milk glaze
  • Made by hand, expect to embrace the organic character of each piece

Available in our two sizes, do you prefer the large or small?  The large holds 300 ml, good for a large mug of tea, and the small holds 200 ml, ideal for a smaller size or for a stronger coffee.  

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