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An ethical and sustainable gift guide for Christmas

An ethical and sustainable gift guide for Christmas

The festive month has officially begun and although we advocate simplicity and making memories every single day, we can't help but feel this is a particularly special time of the year. And presents are a huge part of the season; the giving and receiving of gifts is a wonderful way to bring family and friends together in one space, perhaps for the first time in a while.

As people unite and create new memories, you'll want to exchange presents that symbolise your appreciation for that person. To give you some meaningful inspiration, we've put together a range of purposeful gifts from some wonderful brands, all with a beautiful story to tell. In amongst some of our very own products, we hope you'll have everything you need to make some truly unique and informed purchases for the ones you love this year.  

Himalayan Bath Soak from Yellow Goarse

De-Stress Himalayan Bath Soak

With a focus on wellbeing, Yellow Gorse are dedicated to nourishing and enhancing your body and mind through small batch, botanical products. Their bath soak is naturally invigorating, with a unique blend of essential oils and ingredients to ground and soothe you in the moments that matter the most. Scented and relaxing, this kind of gift is appreciated by men and women alike. 

French Net Market bag from Grace Gordon

French Net Market Bag

Practical gifts have the propensity to be the most cherished, and with the rising awareness around plastic, these knitted cotton net bags are an authentic alternative for food shoppers. Perfect for long-term use, nothing looks more wholesome than one of these filled with the freshest produce from your local market or greengrocers. 

Set of 3 Serving Bowls in Milk from Barton Croft

Set of 3 Serving Bowls in Milk

Our serving bowls have been hand thrown and carefully made to nest perfectly inside one another. Whether you are looking to serve vegetables, sauces or sides, these bowls are versatile enough to please anyone. With an oven-proof design, you can even bake your favourite dessert in them and serve something delicious straight out of the oven. If you know someone who loves to host, then they'll be sure to appreciate a set in their home. 

Alpaca Bed Socks from Tom Lane

Grey Alpaca Bed Socks

With the cold winter weather setting in, these socks from Tom Lane are the ultimate cosy comfort for around the house. Soft and insulating, alpaca wool is wonderfully warming and has the durability to last for years. We'd recommend these for someone who likes to come home after work or school and get straight into their 'comfies' for the rest of the evening. 

Blueberry Linen Pyjama Trouser Set from Piglet

Blueberry Linen Pyjama Trouser Set

And if you want to go one step further with comfort, then these pyjamas are the ultimate set to wear about the home this season. Whether you prefer a cosy evening in or a slow Sunday morning, Piglet's pyjamas are made from 100% natural stonewashed flax, designed with a relaxed, oversized look in mind. With a focus on simple, high quality basics for the home, their pieces are timeless. 

Pure Organic Honeybush from Parigotte

Organic Pure Honeybush

Parigotte's teas are 100% certified organic, with a focus on simplicity and sustainability, whilst still delivering the highest quality tea around. Handpicked from the wild bushes of South Africa's Western Cape, this honeybush tea combines sweet and earthy notes, having been dried out in the sun after picking. There is always a tea lover in the family, so why not spice up their usual cuppa with something truly unique?

Little Walnut Chopper from Grain & Knot

Little Walnut Chopper

Lovingly crafted by founder, Sophie, in her home studio, Grain & Knot hand make some beautiful wooden goods. Driven by a desire to create purposeful creations, this chopping board is made from reclaimed timber and takes inspiration from nature, whilst remaining a fully functional piece of equipment. Whether you want to encourage someone in the kitchen or aid an avid cook, these pieces will do so in style. 

Luna Smoke Dress in 100% Linen Oat from Luna + River

Luna Smock Dress in 100% Linen Oat

If you're looking for a durable gift for a niece or child of your own this year, then this smock dress is a wardrobe essential for toddler's. Whether you layer with a jumper and tights, or simply wear it as it is, this piece is perfect all year round and loose fitting enough to be grown into. Luna + River deliver this gorgeous dress in a re-usable cotton tote bag for an added gifted touch. 

Coral Clay Scrub from Sevin London

Coral Clay Scrub

For skincare that's not just skin deep, Sevin London's products are holistically nourishing for mind, body and soul. This gently exfoliating capsule of pink clay and poppy seeds will cleanse and enhance any dry skin this season, especially with the cold winter wind. If you want to give the gift of glowing skin to a loved one, then this scrub and its organic and sustainably sourced ingredients are the very least they deserve. 


Mug in Milk

If you want a good hug around your cup of coffee or tea, then our mug with it's large handle and wide girth is the perfect shape to do just so. Handmade on our pottery wheel in our Hampshire studio, each glaze has been handcrafted to be timeless and elegant.

Gatherings: recipes for feasts great and small by Flora Sheddon

Gatherings: recipes for feasts great and small

Nothing beats a brilliant recipe book, and this one remains one of our firm favourites and a staple in the kitchen, especially during dinner party season. Developed around the ethos of gatherings - a relaxed, easy and inclusive way of cooking and bringing people together - expect modern dishes mixed with snacks, salads, sides and some delicious bakes to end your feast. Like our pottery, this no-fuss approach takes the pressure away from the evening and turns the focus on the moments that matter, so you chat and laugh with the ones you love. 

Oh so toasty candle from Barton Croft

Oh so toasty candle

We couldn't finish this gift guide without mentioning our recent dive into candle creation. Hand poured using natural soy wax, we have been busy developing another way to enhance your home this winter. Wielding the power of fragrance to establish atmosphere and warmth, this candle calls to mind the nostalgia of a wood fire, using spices such as cinnamon, ginger, thyme and nutmeg, so you can truly cosy on up with the ones you love this festive season. 

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