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Make the most of your Christmas dinner: leftover recipes

Posted by Emily Spivey on

The big day might be over, but the food certainly isn't, especially if you've been hosting family or you have more guests coming over on Boxing Day. So today on the blog, we've compiled a selection of leftover recipes from some of our favourite food blogs to give you some inspiration in the kitchen.

It's a lot safer to overestimate appetites and end up with leftover food, but that doesn't mean any of it has to go to waste. And whilst the holidays might be a traditional time, that shouldn't stop you getting creative on the plate, particularly if you're a little roasted out after all the delicious food you've been eating. From doing something different with your cheese to using up every unwanted vegetable, these recipes provide lots of ideas for food to keep you full and festive right up until the new year.

Puff wrapped baked brie with honey, pistachios, walnut & autumn dried fruits from Lyndsey | Aden

Puff wrapped baked brie with honey, pistachios, walnuts & autumn dried fruits

This delicious ensemble from Lyndsey Eden happens to be a unique take on the classic block of brie. If you stocked up generously on cheese for the festive period, then Boxing Day might be a great opportunity to spice up your board a little with a baked option, especially if you're laying out a savoury spread and cold cuts for all to enjoy. A topping of nuts and fruit keeps the table alive with festive flavour and guests are invited to dip a chunk of fresh bread and crackers into the cheese or enjoy a piece on its own. 

Turkey and wild rice pot pie from Half Baked Harvest

Turkey & wild rice pot pie

Leftover turkey is almost a given come the end of Christmas. And whilst cold cuts are tasty, you might be keen to do something a little more imaginative with your meat. A pie is a great way to incorporate all manner of foods into something delicious, and this recipe from Half Baked Harvest does exactly that. Whether you're looking to bake cute individual pies or something big for all to enjoy, this creamy, herby and hearty creation hits the nail on the head as a leftover dish that maintains the same wow-factor as its original form.

Sprout, bacon and chestnut risotto by Kym Grimshaw

Sprout, bacon & chestnut risotto

We've included recipes from On The Plate here before and today is no different. Love them or hate them, we can all agree that Kym Grimshaw's take on sprouts sounds inventive and interesting. Creamy and delicious, this salty and sweet risotto combines the infamous sprout with flavours of bacon and chestnut to ensure this seasonal vegetable can be enjoyed long after the festivities have finished. If your guests fear sprouts because of their mushy texture when over-boiled, then this dish might be the perfect alternative to change their mind. 

Root vegetable and feta empanadas by Adventures in Cooking

Root vegetable & feta empanadas 

And if sprouts really aren't your thing, then you probably still have lots of seasonal vegetables left over from the big day. Whilst it might feel tempting to serve them up cold with a few other nibbles, these empanadas from Adventures in Cooking are delicious if you have a bit of spare time. After years of experimenting and perfecting her dough, Eva shares a recipe that will give the perfect base for a delicious pastry, whatever vegetables you have leftover for the filling. The addition of crumbled feta will make for a creamy first bite into these crisp and golden pastries. Yum!

wild mushroom, fennel & camembert pot pie by Local Milk

Wild mushroom, fennel & camembert pot pie

If you want to make pastry the main attraction, then this pot pie from the Local Milk Blog is both a meat-free and show stopping alternative to any others we have listed above. With a sweet and milky camembert filling surrounded by flaky and buttery pastry, this pie is rich, creamy and utterly feast-worthy, especially if you've got guests with a big appetite for something hearty and homemade. If you've overbought on camembert, this pie transforms your standard serving of oven-baked cheese into some serious comfort food; a must try before the year is out.

Caramelised squash salad with pomegranate ginger vinaigrette

Caramelised squash salad with pomegranate ginger vinaigrette 

To round off our Christmas leftovers, we wanted to share with you one of our very own recipes. Light and hugely versatile, this squash salad is the perfect way to create something delicious out of whatever vegetables you have left over on Boxing Day, especially if you're looking for something vegetarian to add to the table. Whilst a salad can sometimes be overlooked for something more imaginative, our creative and filling dish combines some really interesting flavours and textures to bring and share at the table for the last few days of 2018. 

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