5 great tips to improve your styling + photography by Anna Cor

Anna Cor created these beautiful images using our ceramics, capturing the contrast between the light and the shadows.  Based in Berlin, she’s a photograher and stylist; more of her work can be seen on her website www.annacor.com.  Read on for her best styling tips when creating a collection of images!

#1 Before you begin setting up and shooting, take the time to create a moodboard especially for the colour palette you‘d like to use. Continue to use this for at least for one series of images.  You’ll find it will help to create your own personal look, which will help your photos to be memorable as people should recognize that the image is yours.

#2 Look for places by the windows in your studio or home where the natural light is beautiful, and use these for your photoshoots, and make sure you turn all artificial lighting off.

#3 Develop around five great set-ups in your studio or home where you can shoot your products regularly. This way you won‘t have to think about settings again and again – not only will it save you a lot of time, it’ll also help you to produce images when you don‘t feel super creative. These setups can be very simple, as long as the few things you use are charming and the light is good.

#4 Tell little stories through your images - for example, place a mug on a little piece of newspaper rather than directly onto the tabletop. This will help people to instantly see themselves at home in your images, making them more effective and interesting to look at.

#5 Bring your images to life by asking friends if they will model for you. Don’t worry if they don't want to be seen in the photos, that‘s fine! You can always photograph them from behind or ask them to be your hand model etc.

These tips should help when photographing a range of products, or give some inspiration for developing your own style of styling and photography.  And don't forget to take a variety of portrait and landscape images - there's nothing more annoying than realising all your images are portrait and you can't edit them properly!  

The ceramics featured in the post can all be found below, and head over to www.annacor.com to see some more of her beautiful imagery, and don’t forget to follow her along on Instagram @anna.cor to keep up with her latest work. 

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